God, our Father and friend, has placed you in this exact moment, arranging every relationship, circumstance, strength, and in your life to uniquely equip you to shine His light and share the Gospel.

He has also commanded us, as His followers, to go make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). Obey His command and save lives from suffering with a simple and easy tool – MyLife Workshop.


With the step-by-step training and easy-to-use resources for MyLife-Workshop, you can join people on their spiritual journey.ย You can easily help non-believers discover Godโ€™s presence in their lives and His love for them.

With God using you as part of His rescue plan for people suffering around you, you can help save your neighbors, families, and friends from an eternity of misery and pain.ย ย 

where to start

Start from right where you are! God has handcrafted you and sent you to use what youโ€™ve got to make a mark in how eternity is played out.

You donโ€™t have to have all the answers, simply share the hope you have in Jesus with the MyLife Workshop facilitator program, and trust that God is using you in the fight against darkness, sin, and evil.

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God has placed you where youโ€™re at to bring Him glory and rescue the world from eternal suffering and despair. Click the button below to start your journey today.

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MyLife Workshop Is For You If

โœ“ Because of the grace of God, you heard the good news and accepted Jesus. And you know members in your community are suffering, in pain, and will be damned to eternal misery if you don’t share the hope of the Gospel with them.

โœ“ You want to learn about Dietrichโ€™s approach and process to sharing the Gospel. You want the resources, guidance, and the inside scoop to how church-planters are changing lives daily for Christ.

โœ“ Youโ€™ve been called to share the gospel and make disciples, and you need the tools, resources, and strategies to make it happen.

It’s time to lift your voice and share the good news with the world! Are you ready?

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