The smoke clears, the air is purer, insight gets a sharpening when we scrutinize who we have become and where we are headed. John Adams, the second president of the United States in writing to his oldest son while attending Harvard University wrote, β€œdo nothing without reflection.” Reflection is a gift which we too seldom give to ourselves. Thinking deeply about the people and events that have shaped us brings tremendous clarity of insight. MyLife –Workshop gives us the tools for greater
exploration of who we are and where we are headed.


In our quieter moments, when busyness no longer crowds out reflection, we enter into a disposition of longing. It is not just that we might regret certain decisions made and actions taken, but we long for something beyond what we’ve experienced, even the positive things. β€œWhat is the good life and how do we make it ours to enjoy?” are seminal questions that MyLife-Workshop not only addresses but provides answers and practical steps to getting there.


MyLife – Workshop will, from the first unit onward, surprise you. You will be surprised to learn things about yourself that will be totally new. It may be surprising to know that no one, not even the facilitator of the course, knows how the course will end. You will also be surprised to learn, that God is much more interested and involved in your life than you yourself are. The depths of God’s love and caring for you will rock you to your core.


We all know what it is like to sit in a class in which the teacher was so theoretical that we neither understood what he was saying nor benefited from our time in the classroom. This is not the case with MyLife – Workshop. MyLife – Workshop is hands-on applied learning. Short inputs by a facilitator lead to on the spot application that can be shared with others in the group. The MyLife-Map becomes your personal document that you develop from unit to unit, gaining ever more insight and clarity as you go.


MyLife – Workshop is not designed for work in isolation, but in community. Together with others you will gain more insight as you discuss what discoveries you have been making. Sometimes the comments of other participants will trigger new insights and fresh ideas previously unknown. You might come to the course without knowing anyone previously, but you will end it with the gift of new acquaintances and friendships that will continue. MyLife – Workshop is more than a course; it is a place to experience community, acceptance and belonging.